Located in the historic San Fernando Valley, the Valley Relics Museum in Van Nuys, CA, has been preserving and sharing the area’s history for half a century. From classic Hollywood memorabilia to everyday items from past eras, the Valley Relics Museum is home to thousands of artifacts, each with its unique story. Learn more here.

Founded in 1969, the museum has become a focal point of the San Fernando Valley community, offering insight into the past and a chance to look at the area’s history through its collections. The museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreting the visual material culture of the Van Nuys and the greater San Fernando Valley. Each artifact in the museum is chosen carefully, focusing on its connection to the community. Learn more about Valley Relics Museum in Van Nuys, CA: Preserving Memories, Sharing History.

A round mirror with the reflection of a person in it.

The Valley Relics Museum is home to various items, from classic cars and early movie posters to farming equipment and historical photographs. Each item has a history, and each is an example of the legacy the San Fernando Valley community left behind. Through these relics, the museum seeks to share the stories of the past to bring awareness to the cultural diversity of the Valley.