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The expert technicians at Drain Master Plumbing & Rooter can repair any type of faucet in your home or business – or replace it with a brand new one! From the kitchen to the bathroom, bathtub to wet bar, Drain Master Plumbing & Rooter has got your faucet needs covered.

FAUCETS 101: “What the heck happened to my faucet?”

Faucets actually are made up of several moving parts, which can break suddenly or simply wear down over time. If your faucet makes a clean (ha ha) break, don’t panic! Water may be spewing all over the floor, but there’s hope! Check beneath the sink for your water shut-off valves. There are two of them – hot and cold – and they usually come with a tiny oval handle made just for situations like this. Grab those handles and turn them both clockwise and the gushing water subsides.

If the oval handles are stuck due to lack of use, get a pair of pliers and gently – GENTLY – begin moving the handles back and forth until they begin to come unstuck. Careful not to force it or you could have a bigger plumbing problem on your hands.

Now if the handles are too loose, grab yourself a screwdriver and tighten the screw on the front of the set. Once tightened, you should be able to twist the valves until the water stops. And then – say it with me – Call Drain Master Plumbing & Rooter for the best in local plumbing service!!!

A faucet that is leaking water into the sink.