Las Casitas Grill is a hidden gem in Van Nuys, California. This family-owned restaurant has been serving Salvadoran cuisine for over 20 years. Upon entering Las Casitas Grill, you are warmly welcomed by the family and transported to the vibrant culture of El Salvador. The menu offers a wide selection of dishes from Salvadoran cuisine. For example, the national dish of El Salvador, Pupusas, which are thick handmade tortillas filled with cheese, pork, or beans, served with a unique slaw and roasted tomato sauce. Other favorites include the Caldo de Res, a hearty beef soup with potatoes and carrots, Yuca Frita, or Fried Cassava with pickled onions and cream. Each dish is an array of bold flavors and vivid colors that are presented in a way that honors both the culture and the food. Las Casitas Grill has a full bar and offers an extensive selection of alcoholic beverages and traditional-alcoholic drinks, including Horchata and Jamaica. Learn more here.

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The restaurant also serves salads, sandwiches, and specialty dishes like Chiles Rellenos. The restaurant also hosts events such as live mariachi bands and dance performances, bringing Latin American culture to Van Nuys. In addition to the great food and atmosphere, Las Casitas Grill is a favorite among guests for its delicious desserts. Always a crowd pleaser, guests can enjoy traditional Salvadoran desserts like Flan, Bananas or Plantains in caramel sauce, and freshly made Arroz con Leche. Las Casitas Grill has a delicious twist on the classic American ice cream sundae, the Bizcochos. These vanilla ice cream sundaes topped with guava and condensed milk give it a unique Salvadoran twist. Las Casitas Grill is a great to taste El Salvadoran culture and cuisine. Guests can enjoy a wonderful meal and atmosphere in the heart of Van Nuys. The staff is always friendly and accommodating, ensuring each guest has a great time. Las Casitas Grill is the perfect spot to experience unique and delicious Salvadoran cuisine. Learn more about Delicious Salvadoran Cuisine – Las Casitas Grill in Van Nuys.